The Antivirus Protection Dilemma

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Antivirus protection is becoming as common as computers. Virtually every computer has some kind of virus protection installed. The different flavors of security packages vary nearly as much as the various brands of computers. Typically there are just a few which are the most likely to wind up on the computer system.

Asking someone what their favorite antivirus program invites an onslaught of unique names which are usually accompanied by much more diverse explanations. Some like Avast, AVG, or Microsoft System Basics because of their price, free. Others are going to spout off both popular and unpopular names such as Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, Trend Micro, and others. If you ask the question of why they have their distinct antivirus package the answers are even more varied than the software packages which exist.

Some people will immediately reply, “That is what came with my computer” while others say, “That’s exactly what the person said I should get when I purchased the computer”. The actual reasons behind which sort of antivirus is used typically fall into four popular classes, Availability, Usability, Popularity, and Price. While Norton and McAfee have the luxury of being the most recognizable because of the simple fact of their era, they also have accessibility bolstering their users. Virtually every computer on the market today is accompanied by some kind of trial package of both of these antivirus packages.

Other brands of antivirus protection are obtained through the practice of folks asking friends and other Internet users what the best antivirus to possess is, or via some of the thousands of “REVIEW” websites that have populated the Internet today. The question is, are the most dependable resources to rely on for this important decision?

Typically, friends and other Internet users are providing their opinion from personal experience. When they have a particular software package installed, have had none or just a couple of malware or virus issues and have a simple time operating the software it’s a fantastic alternative in their perspective. Review websites which are located on the Internet are often “Affiliate” driven significance when you decide to click on one of the bundles they’re suggesting on their website they are paid by the business that you decide to go with.

The personal experience perspective isn’t necessarily bad to use when making a decision it’s not typically based on broad experience or intense research. The normal review website found on the Internet while not necessarily bad is usually offering a biased view of what antivirus package is greatest. Which presents the question of how on earth does one make an educated decision on the sort of antivirus software to choose?

Antivirus software falls into two major classes, Free and Paid. Under these categories, you will probably notice they fall into subcategories, Antivirus Protection and Security Suites. In the Free category locating security, the suite isn’t likely. Typically the focus of simply protecting you from viruses and malware is your goal with the insertion of subtle to clear prompting of buying the paid version of this program. In the paid class security suites are normally the antivirus software along with the firm’s version of a firewall, online backup and other kinds of services.

One class that has not yet been mentioned here and that’s becoming more and more popular is Managed Antivirus protection. Large companies employ IT staff to maintain a watchful eye on their computers. Duties include a large number of different things from the computer setup, network monitoring, and average application installation and repair. In order to effectively track and support hundreds or even thousands of computers at one time, IT specialists employ specialized software that keeps a constant eye on every computer system alerting the IT staff when problems are detected.

This manner of computer care is becoming more and more common in the consumer marketplace. Offering extensively researched and honed antivirus software like Vipre Business, and system health monitoring agents computer technicians are now capable of supplying affordable protection with the added advantage of having that computer technician standing ready to help when problems are detected.

The reason why the managed computer care theory has always been viewed as a business the only sort of service before today is a result of the past costs which were associated with this sort of protection and assistance. Recent technology has made it possible for this sort of support to be made accessible to the normal consumer in a price that is competitive and in many cases even less costly than the popular retail antivirus software currently available.

Having not just advanced security from viruses but the inclusion of a professional technician ready to assist you in the event that problems present themselves without needing you to take your computer in the nearest computer shop and wait for weeks for it to be returned, as well as the saving of the ordinary virus elimination cost of $169, is more than a fantastic reason to take into account the managed antivirus choice more carefully when determining which sort of protection to use on your house and personal computer systems.